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Khelegi Kya Lyrics – Gajendra Verma Youth sensation pop singer Gajendra Verma comes with his latest single track Khelegi Kya. This musical track is from his latest album Flip. Gajendra himself writes and composes the music of the song. The song is going to rock on this new year. Vikram Singh directed the video of the song in the beautiful sights of Thailand. The video of the song features famous model and actress Sana with Gajendra Verma in lead. Youtube star Gajendra Verma publish the song on 3rd of December 2018 in his official youtube channel.

Khelegi Kya Lyrics, Video

Song Name : Khelegi Kya
Language : Hindi
Singer/Lyricist/Composer : Gajendra Verma
Album: FLIP
Female Model : Sana
Music Company Label: Gajendra Verma
Song Release Date : 2nd of January 2019

Khelegi Kya Lyrics – Gajendra Verma

Yeah ae, ammm… yeah ae..
Oh ho yeah,
Bolo nanh tujhey dekha toh tujh peh
Luttaya hai dil keya karun

Terey hath’on mein hey
Chahey toh tuh,
Dil torh deh haan baul deh ae…

Oh yeah
Joh aayia mein teri galli mein
Tum aayogi keya
Merey baare mein bataogi keya

Ye sauch le aye…

Oh no no
Dil kie raah’on peh
Challna toh aas-an nahin hey
Oh no no
Joh tuh sath merey toh
Sabh kuch sahie hey

Han, Oh no no
Dil kay khel mein hun main
Kamm-zor sah aah jaanein jaan

Par keya baul khelegi keya ?
Aanh Khel khel gillie danda
Gillie gillie danda, gillie danda
Aanh anh, Oh oh yeaa yeaa yeah !

Tagirh, tagirh,tagirh, tagirh, tagirh…

Challta hey ae kay nayin
Tujhay challta hey kay main
Terey pishey pishey aakey
Ghumoo firun nachu gaayun

Ja tujh seh main najarein milayun
Farak parhta hey kay nayin
Bataa kay mere pishey aana tujhay
Challta ae kay nayin ?

Merey dost’on ko sataana
Tujhay challta ae kay nayin
Chalta hey keya tujhko mera paas aana
Paas Aa kar durr jaana

Durr jaana parhta hey kay nayin
Merey ghar kay raastey mein
Joh Theatre hai usspeh lai jayunga
Dau (2) corner ki ticket lai aayunga
Tujhay Shahrukh ka picture dikayunga

ChandIni Chownk, kay parathey
Khilla kay tujhay uppar seh
Butter lagayunga han uppar seh
Butter lagayunga !

Who is Gajendra Verma ?

Gajendra Verma is an india musican, singer and lyrics writer. This Haryana born boy makes a huge fan following with his very first song. He knocks the door of Indian music in 2008 with his single track Emptiness also known as Tune Mere Jaana Kabhi Nahi Jana. The song was very popular at that time. He always comes with a different style and make his fans crazy. 

Han ha, fir tuh khelegi keya
Khelegi keya
Ha han anh anh haha
Baul khelegi keya khelegi keya
Khelegi keya, khelegi keya

Tagirh, tagirh,tagirh, tagirh, tagirh…

Tuh merey sath park mein
Uncle or aunty kay saamney
Mein gypsy main tujh ko bulayunga
Tab tuh aayegi keya
Tuh aayegi keya bataa

Main ik ghanta ghanta teri sarhak kay nukkad peh
Kharha reh kay bitayunga
Aayegi keya baul baul aayegi keya ?
Tuh aayegi keya ?

Toh baul main puri raat
Poora din terey sath abh
Main beetana chaayun
Abh tujhay sari doonia
Ghumaana chayun
Baul tu bataa, bataa bataa
Keya chahiyeh tujh ko
Main tujhko laakey doonga

Tujhko apna Fb ka paasword
Bataa kay doonga joh bhi baul
Han joh bhi baul

Mujhey patah nayin abhie mujhay
Shabad bhi aa rahey nahin
Aa rahey nahin hain

Jab pataa challega toh
Tujhko batayunga kay main, kay main
Kay main keya keya le kay aayunga

Tagirh, tagirh,tagirh, tagirh, tagirh…

Tuh baul khelegi keya baul khelegi keya,
Baul khelegi keya (baul baul baul khelegi keya)-(x2)

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